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YouTube Red service is named as YT Premium! & What is YT Premium ?


To compete with Apple Music and Spotify, Google is going to name its YouTube Red, named YouTube Premium.

Google will launch Music Streaming Service on YouTube next week. Through a blog post, the service will have a playlist system. But this feature is not giving you money in favor of our favorite Google Mama. For YouTube Music Premium you will have to spend $ 9.99 USD in the month.


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It may be confusing for those who are now subscribed to Google Play Music. Those Play Music subscribers will be able to use the YouTube Music Premium, although it may take some time.

According to Google’s announcement, YouTube Red’s new name is YouTube premium. Google launches Youtube Red service in 2015 with some movies and TV series.

But YouTube will cost $ 11.99 per month for premium, which is $ 2 more per month than the YouTube Red. Because it has YouTube music as well as some other features.

Youtube product manager Elias Roman wrote on YouTube’s YouTube blog for the current subscriptions for Red’s corporate blog-

If you are already a YouTube Red member, do not worry, you still enjoy the YouTube premium at your present price.

Russ Crupnick, managing director of the Industry Research and Analysis Farm Music Watch, said,

This is Google’s attempt to outsmart Apple and Spotify

Russ Crupnick also said, listen to music or go to YouTube to watch the video, counting the number of them, there are approximately 130 million users annually.

YouTube has a separate live-TV subscription known as YouTube TV, for which it costs $ 40 a month. Youtube TV does not include YouTube Red’s (now YouTube Premium) subscription, but both of them currently offer access to YouTube Red’s main shows.

Even though YouTube is part of Google, the Internet giant is working to make its online consumer service available, which is provided in various ways under Google, YouTube and Android brands.

Youtube music has been launched on Tuesday in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. South Korea will only get the YouTube premium.

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Youtube red dead The long live youtube premium.

A few years ago YouTube started offering a new service called YouTube Red. It’s a paid subscription service that allows others to see ads-free YouTube videos among others. However, in May of 2018, Google will reinstate the YouTube service without the brand name. Here’s what you need to know about YouTube premiums, including how it works.

What is YouTube TV and how does it work?
What is Android TV, how does it work and what devices do it provide?
What is a YouTube premium?
YouTube Premium is a paid membership, available in certain countries, gives you an ad-free, feature-rich (offline viewing) experience and advanced experience on many Google videos and music services, such as YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and YouTube Kids.

How does YouTube Premium work?
Free from YouTube premium ads
In its main section, about removing YouTube premium ads. Since Google-owned YouTube makes a lot of money from advertising, so it can not really remove it without paying you. It also helps artists to help earn money. By allowing viewers to pay, frees up videos and do not have to wait for the end of the ad. Signed in for any given account.

So, if you are logged into smart televisions you will not be able to watch videos immediately. Also, this ad-free experience extends to other YouTube-branded apps like YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.

YouTube premium works offline and in the background
Another feature of YouTube premium that adds more value to the subscription price, it means watching offline on a phone or tablet, which means downloading a movie to see if the train should be easy now. Above, you can play videos in the background. This is the area that some people can call, Spatif, which means video access with the ability to use the application as a music player.

Play Music and YouTube Music Premium Access
Basically, if you shell out for YouTube Red, you will get free subscription to Google Play Music (later also YouTube Music) subscription. And this is the opposite job. To stream, your songs are allowed to keep up to 50,000 of your songs, access to 35 million song catalogs, access to offline listening, and everything else, of course to be advertised. As a YouTube music, recently it got a renewal.

In the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea next week, new music service was launched in May 2018 and then it comes to the UK and selects other zones in June 2016. It is a mobile application and desktop player which lets you access millions of songs. If you can find it as a video on YouTube already, you will be able to find it as a streamlined track. But you get access to music videos.

YouTube Music is available for free, but ads will play some songs in it. You can also not download music at this level for offline listening. For ad-free music and downloads, you must subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. Music Premium costs $ 9.99 (Monthly 9.99 pounds) in the UK – unless you already subscribe to Play Music or YouTube premiums.

That’s right, YouTube Premium comes with both Play Music and YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Premium Origins
Finally, another plus new content for YouTube premium subscription YouTube offers exclusive video for subscribers, which everyone will not have access to. These are described as “new, original shows and movies” from some of YouTube’s largest manufacturers.

How much is a YouTube premium?
Initially, the YouTube Red Subscription Service was priced at $ 9.99 per month.

However, due to the new bonus services like the YouTube Music Premium, YouTube premiums were $ 11.99 per month in May for 11.99 UK (£ 11.99 in the UK). If you already subscribe to YouTube Red, you will be transferred without a price increase. You can pay $ 17.99 a month (£ 17.99 in the UK) to release six family members on the YouTube Family in the same family access.

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