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Easy-to-miss Detail In Beach Wedding Photo Divides Facebook

A photographer’s rant about a “frustrating” detail in one couple’s wedding photo has sparked a fiery debate on Facebook.

The wedding snapper took to social media to complain about a surfer and his daughter who featured in the background of the beach ceremony pics.

The photographer claimed that the father was inconsiderate to choose to surf directly behind the couple as they said their vows, claiming that he could’ve gone anywhere else on the otherwise empty beach.

But his post set off a heated discussion on social media, with thousands debating who was in the wrong.

In his post, the photographer said he was forced to photoshop the surfers out of most of the photos.

“I just want to shame this surfer who decided that the only suitable place to take his daughter surfing on the entire beach, which was mostly empty, was directly behind this couple’s wedding arch,” the photographer said.

The photographer complained about the surfer in the background of this photo. Credit: Facebook

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“I had to photoshop them out of almost every photo. Then he came out of the water as they were about to kiss and outright refused to move from behind them.

“I had to crop every photo of the kiss. Congratulations, sir. You are an ***hole.

“I hope the only lesson your daughter learned from your example was how not to act at someone’s wedding.

“Yes, it’s a public beach. No, you don’t have to have common courtesy. But, who wants to be that guy?”

However many Facebook users were divided as to whether the surfer was in fact the one who was in the wrong.

“Some beaches only have a few safe places from rips, especially when you have a child,” said one.

The photographer complained that he had to photoshop the surfer and his daughter out of most of the wedding photos. File image. Credit: Getty

Added another: “The photographer isn’t glued to one spot, if the surfer is directly behind, move to the side

President Donald J Trump stands backstage before walking out to speak during the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

On Jan. 6, as an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, President Donald Trump posted on Facebook that his supporters should “remember this day forever.”

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” he said in a post.

In response, Facebook did something it had resisted for years: banned Trump’s account indefinitely for inciting violence. Twitter, YouTube and others followed suit.

The ban is the culmination of a long-running and tortured relationship between the politician and the social media company. That relationship will hit a new inflection point on Wednesday, when a Facebook-funded panel of experts will announce whether the social media giant must reinstate Trump’s account. The impending decision by the Oversight Board, a less than one-year-old body that describes itself as an “experiment” in the regulation of online speech, could be the most consequential decision ever regarding free speech on social media, according to experts. It could also alter the way social media companies treat public figures going forward.

Facebook’s Oversight Board decides who stays and goes. Here’s what you should know.






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Trump’s social media megaphone during his presidency helped transform Facebook, as the company sought ways to survive a hostile political climate and accommodate the boundary-pushing president. Facebook made numerous concessions, including a “newsworthiness” carve-out that exempted political figures and other leaders from its hate-speech rules and an explicit policy not to fact-check political leaders.

The newsworthiness exemption was initiated in response to Trump’s use of inflammatory language during his first presidential campaign, The Washington Post reported, and in the years that followed, the exemption guided Facebook’s approach to political leaders and reshaped the world’s information battlefield.

Facebook's Oversight Board has decided the fate of Trump's account. Here's everything you need to know.

For years critics asked Facebook to ban Trump, citing his frequent promotion of misinformation and extreme rhetoric. But Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg had long felt that the public needed to hear what politicians had to say, as long as troubling comments fell short of violence, according to his public statements. He also said Facebook shouldn’t be in the role of making such consequential decisions and started to create plans for the board in 2018.

But the events at the Capitol in January were the last straw.

Trump launches message board ahead of Facebook decision






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